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Our Mission

Here at The Stropping Young Lad, we keep things simple:

If we wouldn’t carry it on our person, you can rest assured we wouldn’t try to sell it.

Who Are We?

We are a small, family-run business that offers short-run products made either by ourselves or other small USA-based businesses and craftsmen. We work hard to bring you the very best for your cutlery, knife sharpening, and EDC needs. We’re also avid knife folk so we understand the importance of quality and dependability.

Why Should You Shop With Us?

We know there are plenty of places to shop online. However, we prioritize loyalty and relationships with our customers above all else. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can tell you about our special promotions and send you discounts on the items you love. Oh, and we leave spam in the can and promise not to clog your inbox.

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