Superior Slip Fifteen for Select Great Eastern Cutlery Patterns

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Have you ever had a pocket slip that looks like a fried egg, all flat with a bump in the middle where the knife sits? Maybe your knife slip gets all floppy around the opening from riding in your pocket, and makes it hard to retrieve your precious pocket knife. What’s worse, your slim little slipjoint is transformed into a fat, unwieldy hunk of leather fighting for pocket space with your other essentials. When you pull your prized knife out of your pocket, the first thing you see and touch is this saggy, floppy hunk of cowhide sourced from who-knows-where which dampens the experience of owning a premium knife.

Premium knife owners have had enough of poor quality, ill-fitting — and quite frankly — embarrassing knife slips. We get it. When you take home a supermodel of a knife, it just doesn’t make sense to dress her off the rack.

This is why we’ve created the Superior Slip, custom tailored knife slip.

Now you don’t need us to tell you why quality is important.

Instead, we thought we’d let you in on the secret behind our slips and let you decide.

Handmade by a single solitary southwestern saddle maker in Arizona, USA

Crafted from Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather — a premium vegetable tanned, hot wax-stuffed leather

Hand saddled-stiched with the Tiger thread — the strongest thread on the market

Over-seam stitched for durability

Skived edges for a slim, sexy profile

Skillfully finished mouth using traditional saddle-making techniques

Note: Knife and handkerchief are not included.

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Superior Slip Fifteen for Select Great Eastern Cutlery Patterns is designed to fit Great Eastern Cutlery single-bladed pattern #15 knives. This slip can also be successfully used with patterns 25, 66, 77, and 83.

Note: Superior Slip Fifteen will not fit #15s that have bails or thick stag covers.



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